On Monday, Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) launched a $166,000 educational, statewide multi-media campaign to encourage Wisconsin voters with hope and a strong reminder that as American citizens, it is our responsibility to participate in the form of government God has given us – a representative Republic.

“Political ads these days feel very much like a race to the bottom leaving many citizens feeling disillusioned and disengaged,” said Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council. “Our goal is to inform, inspire and involve Wisconsin citizens in our elections through our Commit to Vote campaign and help provide the positive nudge they need to vote in November by promoting our online voter resource center.”

The ads are a reinforcement that every vote matters because every vote can change the outcome of an election – and every election has very real consequences. 

Citizens are encouraged to commit by signing a pledge, making sure they are registered, and adopting a plan to vote via absentee ballot if necessary, early in-person, or day-of at the polls. Educational resources for voters are available on the Commit to Vote website.

Wisconsin Family Council ran a similar get-out-the-vote/voter resource center project in Kenosha this past spring to involve a greater number of voters in the spring elections by emphasizing the importance of every vote in a local election. This success of this project is the foundation of our current statewide effort.

In addition to the multi-media campaign, Wisconsin Family Council has participated in nearly 30 educational events so far in 2022 all throughout Wisconsin to inform, inspire and involve Wisconsinites in their local communities with practical ways to make a positive and lasting difference right in their own backyard.

Appling noted, “To have faith is to have hope. ‘We the people,’ as stewards of our Republic, elect leadership that represents us and our values. For this reason, it is not just our right, but our duty to exercise our right to vote in elections.”

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