MADISON – Today a U.S. District Court restored Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves. The following statement can be attributed to Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Krentz:

“Wisconsin Farm Bureau is extremely frustrated by another judicial ruling from thousands of miles away that removes the authority of Wisconsin to manage its wolf population. This broken record of listing and delisting by judicial decree must end.

The state of Wisconsin has shown, through a growing population of wolves, the ability to administer its wolf hunting season appropriately and effectively. The continuous activism by the judicial branch must cease. It is time the legislative branch asserts its authority over wildlife management and pass legislation allowing the Great Lakes Region to manage its wolf population.

Wisconsin’s wolf population is growing and increasingly attacking livestock across the state. Wisconsin farmers are angered by this decision and rightfully so.”

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is the state’s largest general farm organization with members of every farm size, commodity and management style.

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