[Madison, Wisconsin] – On August 3, 2022, the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans (WICRs) officially announced its disaffiliation from the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), following a unanimous vote of the Executive Board. Will Terry, Chairman of the WICRs, released the following statement:

“There has been controversy surrounding the CRNC and its affiliates in recent years, specifically surrounding elections, the disbursement of grant money to state federations, and lack of transparency with financial documents.”

“The aforementioned issues will not see resolution as the CRNC constitution is written in a way that allows the chair to have, in some cases, unchecked power. We think it is in our best interest to leave the CRNC in order to set ourselves up for further success here in Wisconsin. We’re focused on working with the State GOP and local County Parties to elect Republicans up and down the ballot and re-elect Ron Johnson to the U.S. Senate.”

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