Millston, WI. – The Wisconsin Historical Society announces the listing of the Millston Union Church in Millston, Jackson County, on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Millston Union Church is an important illustration of a small, early twentieth-century, rural church building designed with elements of the Late Gothic Revival style. This municipal building, “the town church,” was Millston’s only church building from its construction until 1984. Early use of the building was by itinerant preachers and circuit riders of multiple denominations; it was also used to hold weddings and funeral services. 

When it was constructed in 1904, religious ornaments were noticeably absent from this building. This remained the case until 1960 when second-hand items, including an altar and pews, were purchased. In 1968, a lighted cross was installed atop the steeple, replacing a secular weathervane. Use of the Millston Union Church building has been sporadic over the years, but, just as it was in 1904, it continues to be owned by the town, administered by a board of trustees and available for use by any faith or denomination.

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