Today, Mario Hererra, Co-Founder and President of the WI Latino Conservative Coalition, is announcing the formation of a new organization focused on educating and expanding the grassroots, conservative Latinos in our state.

Mario Hererra said, “The Wisconsin Latino Conservative Coalition will work to educate our fellow members of the Latino community on conservative values and provide an opportunity for like-minded Latinos to connect.

“Over the past several decades, Latinos have been a critical demographic in our community. As the role of Latinos expands in the future, society must represent our voices. While liberal organizations target minorities that do not conform to their preconceived notions, Latino conservatives need to have a community where they can be seen and heard.

“I see a shift within my community to take a stand for conservative values. The momentum toward conservatism is building within the Latino community, and our organization intends to educate our peers on these timeless values and build a conservative community.”

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