Wisconsin Truth PAC has released a new TV ad hitting Dem U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes for his security costs.

The group said the new ad is part of a seven-figure buy running on TV and digital platforms.

Through Aug. 26, the group had reported more than $13.2 million in independent expenditures either supporting U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, or opposing Barnes, the lieutenant governor.

The latest ad is in addition to the previously reported spending.

The spot opens with video of shots being fired and police cars on a street at night with their lights flashing. The narrator says they are “actual crime scenes across Wisconsin, yet Mandela Barnes supports defunding the police.”

The spot then plays video of Barnes saying, “The minute you talk about reducing a police department’s budget it’s like all hell breaks loose and everyone acts like you are signaling Armageddon but that’s not the case, it’s about reallocating funds.”

The narrator then says “your tax dollars” were reallocated for more “police security for Barnes.” The screen reads, “Taxpayers charged almost $600,000.”

“Mandela Barnes, less safety for you, more for him,” the narrator says.

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