MADISON, Wis. — State primaries and local races around the nation are especially significant this election year, and is helping to ensure that voters everywhere are informed before they head to the polls.

“Regardless of how they cast their votes, Americans want accurate, well-researched information and trusted guidance in order to remove all uncertainty from the most important part of voting—making the right choice,” said President Debbie Wuthnow. “The largest threat to our republic is the indifference many Americans exhibit by not participating in the elections, especially the party primary, which is often when the real choice occurs. One key reason is the lack of information on candidates. Now more than ever, Americans need reliable, honest, comprehensive facts about candidates that our trusted voter guide provides through just a couple of clicks.”

For voters who are unsure of who to vote for, provides accurate, up-to-date information on thousands of candidates. Because differences between candidates aren’t as readily apparent in the primary as in the General Election,’s research and ratings can be extremely valuable in helping voters determine the distinctions between candidates who all run under the same party banner. is dedicated to equipping Americans to be informed, educated voters and is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information. is known for its accuracy and integrity in researching and evaluating candidates and equipping Christians to vote wisely and be good stewards of their citizenship.

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