[Wales, WI] – State Representative Mark Born (R – Beaver Dam) has been named Policy Maker of the Year by the  Wisconsin Waterfowl Association (WWA) for his work during the 2021 – 2022 legislative session.  

Born, the Co-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Finance, was a steadfast supporter and champion of two issues  important to waterfowl hunters and sportsmen across Wisconsin: the long-awaited and much needed adjustment to the  price of the state waterfowl stamp, and the reauthorization of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program.  

“Rep. Mark Born is a true friend to conservation and our state’s sportsmen and women. His support and leadership on  these issues means that today’s users – and future generations – will be able to continue to enjoy our state’s strong  sporting heritage. We are proud to name him our 2022 Policy Maker of the Year,” said WWA Executive Director Bruce  Ross.  

The price of the waterfowl stamp ($7) had been in place since 1997. Unfortunately, the inflationary erosion that had  taken place over the last 24 years significantly reduced the buying power of this critically important conservation  funding mechanism. The result meant less habitat work was being done every year, which meant fewer acres of wetland  habitat in Wisconsin and fewer ducks.  

The adjustment to $12 means that there will be more funding available to enhance and restore habitat to produce more  waterfowl in Wisconsin.  

The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program is Wisconsin’s conservation program to acquire public lands for outdoor  recreation – including hunting and fishing. Since 1989, this program has helped protect thousands of acres for our  residents to hunt, fish and recreate.  

This critically important conservation tool was set to expire in 2022 and needed legislative approval to continue.  Without action by the legislature, Wisconsin would have lost its ability to provide public lands for hunting, fishing, and  recreation.  

Thanks to Rep. Born’s support and leadership, these two critically important issues were passed by the legislature and  signed into law by the Governor. 

“Hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation are an important part of our state’s history, culture and economy. Conservation tools like the state waterfowl stamp and the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program are crucial to ensure  these activities can continue for future generations,” said Rep. Mark Born. “I was proud to support these two critically  important issues and will continue to work to ensure that Wisconsin’s rich hunting traditions can be passed down for  generations to come.”  

The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association is a 7000-member non-profit conservation organization that is dedicated to the  conservation of Wisconsin’s waterfowl and wetland resources. Since 1984, WWA has worked to restore critical habitat  in Wisconsin, educate the next generation of waterfowl hunters, and advocate for policies that protect Wisconsin’s  resources and the rights of citizens to hunt and fish. 

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