MADISON, Wis. — This week, Attorney General Josh Kaul launched a lawsuit against Johnson Controls and Tyco Fire Prodcuts over PFAS pollution at facilities in Marinette. Also known as “forever chemicals”, PFAS has been linked to numerous adverse health effects, including pregnancy-induced hypertension and cancer. This week’s suit brought by Attorney General Kaul seeks justice for families impacted by an alleged 2013 discharge that went unreported to the state.

NBC 26: Kaul sues Johnson Controls, Tyco over PFAS pollution


Attorney General Josh Kaul announced Monday morning that the Wisconsin Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Johnson Controls and Tyco Fire Products over PFAS pollution in Marinette.


Kaul filed the action Monday in Marinette County Circuit Court. The foam has contaminated the area’s soil, groundwater, surface water, and air. The lawsuit alleges that Johnson Controls and Tyco failed to notify the state about a PFAS discharge back in 2013.


The chemical PFAS can have numerous adverse health effects, such as serum cholesterol, immune dysregulation, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and kidney and testicular cancers, according to a release sent by the Attorney General. The discharge has left many people in the town of Peshtigo without drinking water.


Kayla Furton discovered that her drinking water had been contaminated in 2018. Her home was a part of the initial plume of water that was contaminated with PFAS.


“We were added to the initial plume which is now known as the PWSA, the private wells study area, which is the one area that Tyco and JCI is accepting responsibility for,” Furton said.


Her water at one point tested at 63 parts per trillion combined PFAs compounds – an amount that’s considered dangerously high.




“Every home within the contamination area deserves access to clean drinking water, bottled water, POET systems as an interim measure and long-term safe drinking water,” Furton said. “So this announcement from Attorney General Kaul today is huge for everyone in our community.”



“It is so welcoming to see the Attorney General filing this lawsuit saying I’m there with you,” Oitzinger said. “We’re going to put the full weight of the Attorney General’s office behind enforcing our environmental laws for the protection of our environment but also for the protection and well being of the people that live in these communities.”

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