LA CROSSE, Wis. — Yesterday, ahead of his Saturday visit to La Crosse, a group of La Crosse retirees slammed Ron Johnson for his attempts to put Social Security on the chopping block. They emphasized that Johnson’s plan not only puts their livelihoods at risk, but those of hundreds-of-thousands Wisconsinites. See full event below: 
Vicki Burke, Wisconsin retiree: “After spending decades paying into Social Security, this program guarantees that I can enjoy my retirement without worrying about how I’ll get by. This is the promise that was made to us – but Ron Johnson doesn’t care about that promise, and it’s clear he doesn’t care about our well being. And based on Johnson’s record – supporting raising the retirement age, voting to force cuts to Social Security, advocating that it be privatized, calling it a ‘ponzi scheme’ – we know if he had his way Social Security as we know it would disappear.”Michael Smuksta, Wisconsin retiree“Like everyone else, I’ve paid into it my entire working career and now I’m able to live off Social Security. But Ron Johnson wants to change all that. Despite the lifeline that it provides for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites, Johnson wants to put Social Security on the chopping block.” 

Sue Conard, Wisconsin retiree“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my retirement without Social Security — the program ensures that I don’t have to worry about my bills, my groceries, or worry about having to re-enter the workforce. Ron Johnson is completely out of touch with me and my fellow retirees – why else would he want to put Social Security on the chopping block? He doesn’t understand what this program means for me and the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin retirees who rely on it each and everyday.  We don’t have millions of dollars to rely on after we retire the way that he does.”

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