OSHKOSH, Wis. – On the heels of an ethics complaint  being filed against Ron Johnson for spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on vacation travel from his family’s Florida vacation home, Wisconsinites gathered outside of his Oshkosh Senate office demanding he return the taxpayer money he spent on his flights.

The ethics complaint calls for an investigation into his use of the taxpayer funds, a clear violation of federal laws and Senate ethics rules.

Watch the full event here and see, in part, what the speakers said below. 

Deb Martin: “I’ve spent my entire life paying my taxes with the expectation they’d be put to my Social Security and Medicare, public works projects and other important community investments. So you can imagine my complete shock upon reading the recent news about Ron Johnson who was caught red handed using thousands of our taxpayer dollars flying from his family vacation home in Florida back to Washington. I don’t care if it’s part of Ron Johnson’s self-serving agenda to enrich himself – he has an obligation to come forward and return the thousands of dollars back to Wisconsin taxpayers, the very people who pay his salary.”

Bernie Faust: “I’m angry that Ron Johnson has spent the past 11 years working against Wisconsinites and now he’s twisting the knife by using taxpayer dollars to cover 19 flights from his family’s vacation home in Florida. Ron Johnson has spent his time in the senate working against us, so we’re here demanding that just once Ron Johnson do the right thing — and return the thousands of taxpayer dollars  back to the government where it can be used properly on projects and investments that benefit Wisconsinites. “

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