MADISON, Wis. – Today, battleground Democratic state party chairs from Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin hosted a press call to highlight organizing strategies ahead of the 2022 election in light of federal voting rights legislation stalling in the U.S. Senate.


As the fight for voting rights continues in Congress, Democrats in battleground states across the country are thinking nationally by acting locally – organizing to win in elections up and down the ballot and countering GOP attacks on our democracy.


Watch the event in full here.


Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán:


“This [state-level voting rights] initiative, along with the critical state-level races I highlighted earlier, demonstrate just how important state parties, and state elections, will be in the effort to safeguard our democracy.”


Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes:


“After the 2020 elections and the invention of the ‘Big Lie,’ it is no surprise that voting rights are under attack across this country. Let me be perfectly clear though, this is much more than just an attack on voting rights, this is straight-up Jim Crow era voter suppression. And it isn’t just happening in Michigan, or even Wisconsin or Arizona.  It is happening in every corner of the country and it must be stopped. This is a call to all Michiganders – join us! We need to turn all of Michigan blue in 2022. This is your opportunity to join this fight to save democracy and re-elect those ‘women from Michigan.’  We must ensure what happened in 2020 NEVER happens again.”


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler:

“Allies of democracy are going to join together to ensure that voters continue to decide who leads – not Republican politicians. Through our organizing, we will ensure that friends of democracy keep hold on the levers to allow the popular will to be heard here in Wisconsin. That’s the fight. There’s tremendous energy at every level, from poll observers and poll workers, all the way to our strong field of candidates against Ron Johnson and our governor’s reelection campaign, and we’re so fired up to enter this year.”

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