MADISON, Wis. – From his first day in office, President Biden got to work delivering for working families across Wisconsin. The American Rescue Plan – which passed without the vote of a single Republican in Congress – has spurred an economic recovery across the state.

 Thanks to strong leadership from Governor Tony Evers, federal American Rescue Plan funds are helping Wisconsin bounce back from this pandemic. Just yesterday, the Wisconsin unemployment rate hit a new low at 2.8% – the lowest unemployment rate in state history.

 Read how President Biden and Governor Evers’ American Rescue Plan investments have revived Wisconsin’s economy:

  1. Wisconsin unemployment claims are down 53%
  2. 55,700 new jobs were added in 2021
  3. The American Rescue Plan helped 2,091 Wisconsin restaurants stay open – with an average award of $180,543 going to each restaurant
  4. Families across the state received 2.9 million Economic Impact Payments – totaling $7.1 billion in direct economic relief
  5. Wisconsin families of 1,062,000 children received middle-class tax cuts – with an average monthly payment for each family of $457 – and $1.6 billion total paid in monthly payments
  6. Wisconsin ACA Marketplace enrollees saved $75 per month – reducing premiums by 50%
  7. Wisconsin K-12 public schools received $1.5 billion in relief
  8. Wisconsin state and local governments received $4.9 billion in fiscal relief to aid with pandemic relief programs
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