MADISON, Wis. – This year, on National Pothole Day, we would like to give special recognition to the Wisconsin Republicans who refused to provide enough funding to fully fix Wisconsin’s roads throughout the years. Without folks like Rebecca Kleefisch, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Mike Gallagher, and Robin Vos — this day would not be possible.


Infrastructure plays a huge role in the lives of Wisconsinites, from the roads we take to work to the internet we use to connect with friends and family across the state. And for years, under Republican leadership, our infrastructure was severely neglected. Scott Walker and his lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch underfunded infrastructure and left Wisconsin’s roads in worse condition than they found them. They rejected federal funds for everything from passenger rail to health care expansion to broadband, losing billions of dollars for our state and resulting in unnecessary suffering.


Despite Republicans’ constant roadblocks, Democrats have made real progress on fixing our roads. Since Gov. Evers took office, repairs have been made to more than 1,250 bridges and over 1,700 miles of highway — approximately the distance from Madison to Las Vegas. Today, Wisconsin’s roads are now ranked 8th in the nation, making our state a better place to live and work — and the best is yet to come.


President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will build on Governor Evers’ accomplishments and dedicate billions of federal funds to rebuilding Wisconsin’s aging infrastructure. By investing in our roads and bridges, delivering affordable internet to every neighborhood across the state, and ensuring clean drinking water is a right in every Wisconsin home, Democrats are building back better — despite every Wisconsin Republican in Congress voting against this critical legislation.


“We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Wisconsin Republicans, and especially Rebecca Kleefisch and Scott Walker, for their role in National Pothole Day,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg. “The Republican Party’s constant and intentional failure to do their jobs and fix our roads resulted in countless potholes, outdated bridges, and other infrastructure problems that Wisconsin is still recovering from. Thanks to President Biden’s and Governor Evers’ historic investments in our infrastructure over the last few years, thousands of miles of roads have been repaired, and someday soon, National Pothole Day will cease to exist.”

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