MADISON, Wis. – For the past year, Democrats’ American Rescue Plan has been delivering much-needed pandemic relief to fund schools, businesses, and local governments in every district across the state. These funds, provided by President Biden and Democrats in Congress, have been credited with “saving” communities from this pandemic.

Thanks to Governor Evers, ARP funds have been helping Wisconsin communities build back better than ever – funding grants to expand high-speed internet, lower costs for water, and provide tax cuts for families.

Today, on the one year anniversary of President Biden signing the plan into law, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“For the past year, Democrats’ American Rescue Plan has been delivering for every neighborhood across Wisconsin – from Superior to Kenosha. President Biden’s recovery plan has funded Wisconsin’s businesses, schools, and hospitals – all while cutting costs for working families and building an economy that grows the middle-class from the bottom up and middle out.

“Today is a celebration of President Biden, Governor Evers, and Democrats in Congress and a referendum on the glaringly out-of-touch Republican Party. It’s no secret that the GOP is working on behalf of the wealthy and well connected instead of the communities they’re supposed to represent – it’s actually a cornerstone of their ‘agenda,’ which would strip away health care from those living with pre-existing conditions, increase premiums, and raise taxes on half of the country.

“As we approach November 2022, the choice could not be more clear: while Republicans’ economic agenda is disastrous for Wisconsin’s working families, Democrats will continue to lower costs by manufacturing more in America, breaking up supply chain bottlenecks that are raising prices, promoting competition, and reducing health care costs like prescription drugs.”

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