MADISON, Wis. – Thanks to investments from President Biden, Governor Evers, and Democrats in Congress, every neighborhood in Wisconsin will soon have access to high-speed internet. Funded by President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which passed without the vote of a single Republican in Congress, Gov. Evers has provided millions of grants to expand access to high-speed internet in rural and urban communities across the state.


So far, Gov. Evers has allocated nearly $100 million in ARP grants to expand rural internet access – funding 83 projects. Just this week, the governor presented Vernon Communications Cooperative with a $5.6 million grant, which will help to bring fiber optic cables to 52 businesses and 993 homes, and Tri-County Communications with a $3.3 million grant, which will expand affordable internet in Buffalo and Jackson counties. Gov. Evers’ investments mean nearly 300,000 homes and businesses will be connected to high-speed internet.


Democrats are continuing to close the digital divide. President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will dedicate an additional $100 million in federal funds to expand internet across the state. The infrastructure law will also enable 1,246,000 Wisconsinites –  22% of people in the state – to qualify for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which will help low-income families afford internet access.


U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo recently spoke with Wisconsin’s WMTV, further highlighting the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to ensuring internet access in the Badger State is accessible and affordable. Secretary Raimondo explained how President Biden’s plan will ensure companies can’t mislead consumers about internet prices: “A requirement of any company that’s participating in the program is that they have price transparency. That they allow the consumers to comparison shop.”

Whether Wisconsinites are using the internet to launch new business ventures, work on homework, or connect with family and friends, they will not forget that it was Democrats who made the state’s internet faster, more reliable, and affordable – and that every Wisconsin Republican in Congress voted against the ARP and infrastructure law that made it possible.

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