MADISON, Wis. – As Russian President Vladimir Putin began his war in Ukraine, he was met with praise from former President Trump that he is “smart,” “savvy,” and a “genius.” But as has been the story for the past five years, Trump’s terrible remarks were met with silence by Senator Ron Johnson, gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, and the rest of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

“Wisconsinites deserve to know – do Ron Johnson, Rebecca Kleefisch, and the rest of Wisconsin’s Republican candidates agree with Trump’s assessment that Vladimir Putin was ‘smart,’ ‘savvy,’ and a ‘genius’ to invade Ukraine, or will they, for once, put aside their fealty to the former president and condemn Trump for his dangerous, anti-American rhetoric?” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler said.

Johnson, who spent July 4th, 2018, rubbing shoulders with the very Russians now waging war on Ukraine, defended Trump for trying to withhold military aid from Ukraine, who needed the assistance to deter attacks from Russia. In the Senate, Johnson has done the Kremlin’s bidding as he’s pushed Russian disinformation and scapegoated Ukraine as he tried to sow doubt about the 2020 election results.

Kleefisch has been desperately seeking Trump’s approval — flip-flopping her stance on the 2020 election, begging him to get involved in the governor’s race, and speaking on a CPAC panel where Trump was the featured speaker.

 So Ron Johnson, Rebecca Kleefisch, and the Wisconsin GOP have to answer a few questions:

  • Do you agree with Trump’s praise of Vladimir Putin?
  • Do you condemn Trump’s praise?
  • Would you still support Trump if he runs for the GOP nomination?
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