MADISON, Wis. — According to WSAW, Wisconsin Family Action has reaffirmed their belief that the archaic 1849 abortion ban doesn’t go far enough, stating “we don’t think the life of the mother is a necessary exception.” Tim Michels has also opposed such an exception, stating that a scenario in which abortion is required to save the life of the mother is “a hypothetical which just doesn’t exist.” Meanwhile the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – the expert on this issue, states “’without question, abortion can be medically necessary.'”

Tim Michels previously told WISN that he does not support exceptions for rape or incest, and that his position is an “exact mirror” of Wisconsin’s 1849 criminal abortion ban — which does not include exceptions for rape, incest, or to preserve the health of the mother.

Pro-Life Wisconsin, which gave Michels a 100% rating in 2004 and has received contributions from Michels’ personal foundation, also supports controversial tactics like sidewalk harassment of women seeking abortions and has sought to eliminate the exception for the life of the mother from the 1849 ban. They also seek to ban all contraception and IVF.

Governor Tony Evers is the only pro-Choice candidate running for Governor. He has vetoed nine bills that would have restricted abortion access and called two special sessions of the legislature to improve abortion access in the state. Gov. Evers believes that reproductive health care decisions are personal ones, and they shouldn’t be dictated by partisan politicians in the legislature. He has been the last line of defense against attacks on access, and he will continue to do the right thing for Wisconsinites’ reproductive rights.

“Tim Michels has backed every possible radical belief on abortion that would harm Wisconsinities and put the women’s lives in danger — does he agree with Wisconsin Family Action that the life of the mother exception should be eliminated?” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Hannah Menchhoff. “While Michels and his allies seek to ban access to healthcare, Gov. Evers is committed to protecting the rights of women and is fighting to get politicians out of reproductive healthcare.”

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