MADISON, Wis. – Governor Evers understands that good policy on clean water, public transportation infrastructure, and clean energy are critical for the future of Wisconsin’s economy.  This week, Gov. Evers released a clean energy plan that will create an estimated 40,000 new jobs for Wisconsinites and provide the training needed for workers to transition into this field.

It’s unfortunate that Republicans don’t see the opportunity to be good stewards of Wisconsin’s natural resources.

Rebecca Kleefisch said that it’s “funny” that Gov. Evers listed the environment as a top issue in his campaign. It’s not clear why she thinks that ensuring clean water, addressing extreme weather conditions that impact farmers, or the loss of public lands is funny.

There are also Republicans like Kevin Nicholson who seem to be living on another planet.

Nicholson has incorrectly claimed that the technology does not yet exist to make Wisconsin’s economy carbon neutral by 2050. He said: “Someday, we may be able to develop technology that can store the power of the sun. That’s the holy grail of energy production. We’re not there, and we’re not even really close to it.”

This might be news to Kevin Nicholson, but solar power and batteries not only exist, but are widely used.

A statewide University of Wisconsin-Madison poll from earlier this year showed that climate change and protecting our environment is top of mind for Wisconsinites.

“Republican politicians refuse to take seriously the importance of protecting our state’s natural resources and training workers to fill jobs in renewable energy,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “If you like drinking clean water, visiting Wisconsin’s parks, and having food on the table, which is grown and harvested by Wisconsin farmers, then don’t vote for Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson, who think the environment is a joke.”

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