MADISON, Wis. – Ten years ago this week, Politifact deemed Rebecca Kleefisch’s claim that her “cold call” to persuaded the Illinois company to move to Wisconsin, as “false.”

This is just one of many instances of the Walker-Kleefisch administration over-selling and under-delivering on the economy. The disastrous deal with Foxconn, which would have been the largest government handout to a foreign company in American history and would have cost Wisconsin $20 billion in lost economic growth.

In 2011, the administration exaggerated job gains ahead of a recall election, a year in which job creation instead lagged most of the nation. Rebecca Kleefisch similarly overstated the number of open jobs in 2018. In reality, despite claims of a booming economy, under much of the Walker-Kleefisch administration Wisconsin was rated 29th in the nation in jobs created.

Under Gov. Evers, Wisconsin has record low unemployment. Gov. Evers launched the Main Street Bounceback program to revitalize Main Streets across the state, which has already helped over 3,400 businesses open or expand. He also invested $130 million in workforce development programs to help find career coaches and fund training programs and technical colleges.

“Rebecca Kleefisch misled Wisconsinites about her economic record,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Her tendency to over exaggerate and underdeliver will not help create good-paying jobs. She has no vision and no plan for Wisconsinites’ future.”

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