MADISON, Wis. — As a lifelong educator, Governor Evers will always do the right thing for kids, parents, and education. Tim Michels might think that continued investments in public education are “the definition of insanity,” but Gov. Evers knows that this is crucial to the future success of our state.

Gov. Evers has a plan to build on the successes of his first four years in office by increasing state aid to public schools to prevent property tax increases, supporting continued funding for the “Get Kids Ahead Initiative” that invests in school mental health programs, and expanding opportunities for summer school and early childhood education.

As the education governor, Gov. Evers funded public schools at their highest level in nearly two decades and signed the first special education funding increase in a decade. He’s also investing money to recruit and train high-quality teachers in schools across the state.

Today, Wisconsin’s education system is ranked eighth in the nation, up from eighteenth under the prior administration.

In addition to defunding public schools, Michels supports a plan that could raise property taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars. If elected, Michels also plans to invite parents to sue schools and he’s previously admitted that he had not been to a school board meeting in his district in the last year. Michels even said he would consider abolishing Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction.

“Governor Evers will work to do the right thing to invest in our kids, parents, and teachers,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Gov. Evers  will always work to make Wisconsin’s schools the best they can be.”

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