MADISON, Wis. – Tonight, Governor Tony Evers delivered the 2022 State of the State address. Gov. Evers outlined how his administration is strengthening our economy and fighting to help our state keep moving forward. He also called on the legislature to act on the state’s projected historic budget surplus and return a portion of the money to working families to help them fight rising costs, as well as approve his proposals to support schools and veterans.

Gov. Evers’ key announcements in the State of the State address included:

  • Using the state’s record budget surplus to give $150 back to Wisconsin tax filers and their dependents to help fight rising costs
  • Expanding the Child and Dependent Care Credit, giving an average of $274 back to more than 100,000 Wisconsinites
  • Creating a $100 million Caregiver Tax Credit for approximately 370,000 Wisconsinites
  • Investing $750 million to improve education quality while keeping property taxes down
  • Expanding the National Guard’s wellness office to help with resiliency training, crisis intervention, and counseling for members who have been under the longest activation in state history
  • Creating a Blue Ribbon Commission on Veteran Opportunity to support the more than 300,000 veterans in our state access quality education, employment, and job training
  • Expanding Emergency Medical Services with a nearly $30 million investment for the nearly 800 EMS providers across the state, including $20 million for rural communities
  • Ensuring our kids have the tools they need to get ahead with a $15 million fund for additional mental health services that any school in the state can access

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“Governor Evers has spent the past three years doing the right thing to move Wisconsin forward. As he highlighted in his State of the State address, Wisconsin is stronger and better than before he took office. That’s thanks to his steady leadership and investments in our kids, our small businesses, and critical industries like agriculture and tourism. And while Republicans were doing everything they could to block progress and slow down our economic recovery, Governor Evers was hard at work getting relief out the door to those who needed it — already supporting 100,000 small businesses. With record low unemployment and a record budget surplus, our leaders have the opportunity to do even more for our state, starting with Governor Evers’ plan to return taxpayer funds back to Wisconsinites to help fight rising costs.

“Families need relief now. A family of four would receive $600 back — that’s real money to help cover daily costs like gas and groceries. Instead of letting this money collect dust in Madison, Governor Evers is committed to getting it back to where it belongs: with taxpayers. The $600 is on top of the $450 million tax cut for businesses and the 15% tax cut for working families that the Governor signed into law last year. Governor Evers has put Wisconsin first, in every decision, and it’s paid off for our state, for our small businesses, for farmers, and for working families. Wisconsin Democrats are energized to re-elect him in 2022 so that we can continue to move Wisconsin forward.”

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