Pro-Life Wisconsin Says They Need a Republican Governor to Sign a More Extreme Abortion Ban

MADISON, Wis. – Conservative anti-abortion activists at Pro-Life Wisconsin — which has previously backed both Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels — doubled down on their intention to lobby a Republican governor on removing the life of the mother exception from the 1849 abortion ban.

The National Journal writes, “Ensuring that the current ban is upheld and enforced is an immediate goal for Matt Sande, the legislative director for Pro-Life Wisconsin. But he is also looking to the gubernatorial race. Sande said that he would like to ‘tighten up’ the language in the 1849 law to remove an exemption that allows for abortion to save the life of the mother and replace it with a requirement to provide equal care for the mother and child. […]. He pointed out that the Legislature is out until 2023. They would also need an antiabortion governor to get such changes to the 1849 law.”

It’s unlikely Kleefisch and Michels, who have already staked out the most extreme positions on abortion, would denounce Pro-Life Wisconsin’s request and refuse to sign such a bill. Kleefisch and Michels both support the 1849 abortion ban. Rebecca Kleefisch has supported restrictions that go further than even the archaic ban, and Tim Michels has said he would be open to legislative changes to the ban. Kleefisch and Michels have also both said they support forcing victims of rape and incest to give birth.

“Republican activists said the quiet part out loud – they want to see the 1849 abortion ban be even more restrictive,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “The likelihood that, when push comes to shove, Rebecca Kleefisch or Tim Michels would go against a group they have pandered to for years seems slim to none.”

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