MADISON, Wis. –  As the Governor celebrates his small business record this week, WisDems is providing a reminder of Kevin Nicholson’s jobs history by launching While Kevin Nicholson has discussed creating an “ecosystem” for jobs, he certainly did not do that as a consultant where he worked with companies that shut down plants in Wisconsin and across the country. This work laid off thousands of American workers, and outsourced American jobs to Mexico.

Job Killer Kevin has also supported the GOP’s disastrous tax cuts for the wealthy, advocated for the wasteful Foxconn deal, fought to strip health insurance from millions of hardworking Wisconsinites, and sees no value in Social Security.

Governor Evers knows that Wisconsin’s small businesses keep the economy growing. Investment during the pandemic was crucial, not just for recovery, but to make the economy stronger than before. That’s why the Governor has delivered over 3,400 grants to small businesses in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties and invested over $130 million in long-term skills training to fill jobs.

Read more about job killer Kevin Nicholson at

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“Wisconsin does best when our Governor sides with working families, but Kevin Nicholson made his money as a job killer.  Nicholson consulted for companies who laid off thousands of workers and outsourced American jobs overseas. Wisconsin needs a governor who supports working families and invests in our economy, not someone who kills our jobs and shuts down our businesses.

“That’s not all – Kevin Nicholson supported radical policies that hurt the people of our state. He supported the GOP’s tax cuts for the wealthy few, advocated for the disastrous Foxconn deal, and criticized Social Security, a vital program for seniors, survivors, and people with disabilities.

“Instead of someone who made a career out of laying people off and hurting our state’s economy, we need a Governor who does the right thing for Wisconsinites. Governor Evers’ steady leadership has made Wisconsin stronger. Not only has he led us through some of the toughest challenges we’ve ever faced, his bold solutions are giving families, small businesses, and communities the tools they need to grow and succeed.”

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