MADISON, Wis. — In less than a week, Gov. Tony Evers has helped secure 1.3 million high-quality masks for Wisconsin schools and local communities. Gov. Evers is committed to keeping folks safe, students in classrooms, and businesses thriving  — that’s why he’s working with local leaders across the state on common sense solutions for our communities. 

In recent days, Gov. Evers has delivered:

Additional programs are also available through the state to help schools across Wisconsin secure resources, including testing supplies and masks, to keep students and teachers safe in the classroom.

Gov. Evers is collaborating with local officials while Republicans like Rebecca Kleefisch have no plan to keep folks safe. Kleefisch has been radically wrong and reckless when it comes to the pandemic, and if she were elected governor, Kleefisch has pledged to take no additional action to address the spread of COVID.

While Kleefisch wants to tear our communities apart with her radical and divisive language, Gov. Evers continues to do what’s right for Wisconsin by leading one of the strongest vaccine rollouts in the country, delivering 1.3 million high-quality masks in less than a week, and standing proudly with health care workers. Common sense leadership is always better than radical divisiveness.

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