MADISON, Wis. — The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Tim Michels dodging the public and the press as he tries to hide from his radical agenda. Since securing the Republican nomination last week, Michels has been absent from the campaign trail and rallies with other primary winners.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin’s Republican governor candidate Tim Michels noticeably absent from weekend campaign events

“Members of the Wisconsin GOP party ticket spoke Sunday at the Republican Party of Dane County’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner, but the man at the top was noticeably absent.

“Since winning the Republican gubernatorial primary on Aug. 9, Michels has made only one public appearance — at the Wisconsin State Fair.

“Over the weekend, Michels campaign staffers tweeted they were in Grant County ‘fired up to take on Tony Evers and send proven leadership that will get Wisconsin back on track.’

“And they said they were at the Hamburger Parade in Seymour.

“And they said they had gone from ‘Kenosha, to Janesville, to Milwaukee,’ but Michels himself was not there.

“When contacted Saturday and Sunday by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Michels campaign adviser did not answer when asked if Michels himself was campaigning.


“Evers launched his campaign Wednesday with lieutenant governor candidate Sara Rodriguez and Attorney General Josh Kaul. The three made stops in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. Evers took the weekend off to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary.

“Kayla Anderson, Evers’ senior press secretary, said Michels has been avoiding the public eye because he doesn’t want to answer questions about his radical positions or why he tried to silently erase his endorsement by former President Donald Trump.

“’While Tim Michels is playing hide and seek with voters, Tony Evers has been all across the state, meeting with Wisconsinites and having important conversations about the issues that matter,’ Anderson said.

“’Wisconsin deserves a leader who is doing the right thing, not someone who can’t be bothered to even show up and speak to voters.’”

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