MADISON, Wis. – Tim Ramthun might be the latest gubernatorial candidate taking a trip to visit Donald Trump in his Mar-a-Lago kingdom today.

On the Cut the Crap Show [46:00] in March, Ramthun said he contributed a substantial amount to attend a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for Arizona gubernatorial candidate​​ Kari Lake. Ramthun has made his entire campaign platform focused on decertifying the 2020 election, which is sure to please Trump — who has yet to endorse in the Wisconsin governor’s race but has called Ramthun “my kind of guy.”

Ramthun, however, isn’t the only person who has made the pilgrimage to Florida in recent weeks, or even just this week.

Michael Gableman, the former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice leading the GOP’s sham “investigation” claiming the 2020 election can be illegally decertified, attended an event Tuesday focused on nonexistent voter fraud.

Both Tommy Thompson and Rebecca Kleefisch have also made the rounds, but Kleefisch in particular has been eerily quiet on the trip. She knows she needs the endorsement since she is facing lackluster poll numbers and the threats of more primary opponents.

The primary continues to be a “dumpster fire” with Kleefisch, Ramthun, and Kevin Nicholson changing their views daily and making trips to beg for a Trump endorsement in order to compete for the title of most radical candidate in the race.

“Republicans are tearing each other to pieces fighting for an endorsement from Donald Trump,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Unfortunately, however, all of this appeasing Trump comes at the cost of a healthy democracy. No matter who Trump endorses, or who wins the nomination, any GOP nominee from this primary will be too extreme for Wisconsin.”

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