MADISON, Wis. — Welcome to “Knives Out”— Rebecca Kleefisch’s favorite phrase and a weekly roundup of the infighting between the radical Republicans running for Wisconsin governor.

The GOP is locked in a heated and brutal primary for governor, where Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, Tim Ramthun, and Tim Michels are each trying to prove they are the most divisive candidate in the race. What’s going on in the Republican Party is so outrageous, it’s hard to keep track of all of their blunders — so here is a roundup:

Who Said It?

Can you guess who said the following?

“The 1849 law will stand when I’m governor. And frankly, if the Supreme Court leak turns out to be true, it will be a great victory for protecting unborn babies.”

Scroll to the end of this newsletter for the answer.

Who Won the Marquette Poll?

Everyone in politics wants to spin the news in their favor, but it’s always confusing when two opposing teams declare victory. It happened after the dumpster fire Wisconsin Republican State Convention and it’s happening now following yesterday’s Marquette Poll.

Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Michels are both declaring victory.

Kleefisch’s campaign called her the best positioned to beat the incumbent, despite losing the Republican primary preference poll to Michels.

The Michels’ campaign called the poll a victory, despite losing to Gov. Evers in a matchup.

“Michels Will Be Provided A Podium At The Event Regardless Of Whether Or Not He Attends” 

Republican gubernatorial candidates will finally face off next Monday at a debate hosted by conservative talk show host Joe Giganti of the Regular Joe Show.

Much to the dismay of Regular Joe Host Joe Giganti and Kevin Nicholson, who originally issued the seven debate challenge, Tim Michels so far has failed to RSVP. Very rude!

In response, event organizers have confirmed that “Michels will be provided a podium at the event regardless of whether or not he attends.

Honestly, it’s probably good for the Michels campaign not to bring their candidate into the limelight too much – he’s been having trouble answering questions lately. For instance, when asked repeatedly for his plan on gun violence, he said “I don’t know.”

Even Kevin Nicholson has picked up on it, taking shots at Michels on the Dan O’Donnell show this week: “If someone’s out there giving you platitudes, which are clearly platitudes, or talking about how they’ll figure things out later when they get a bunch of people in the room and talk to them and kind of sort out their opinion, they’re not ready for the job.” [24:14]

Michels’ Campaign Manager couldn’t even do much better in his statement following the Marquette Poll, only saying that Michels will accomplish “big things.”

Rebecca Kleefisch Can’t Resist a Divisive Comment

Rebecca Kleefisch continues to show that she has zero interest in bringing our state together and calming political division. Clearly still upset about her big loss to Tony Evers in 2018, Rebecca Kleefisch called Democrats “goofballs” and  “snowflake-y morons”!

So, I’m the only one who’s faced off against these goofballs before. You know, they are nothing but a pack of angry snowflake-y morons with a lot of money. And that’s exactly what we’re going to be dealing with this fall with Tony Evers and crew from the DPW and the DGA, and the DNC, as well as his campaign.

“Who Said It” Answer Revealed 

Rebecca Kleefisch reinforcing her anti-abortion views in her first interview with a major outlet in weeks! Kleefisch is on the extremes of of restricting access to abortions – supporting a total ban even in cases of rape and incest. She has even said that rape victims should “turn lemons to lemonade” by carrying a pregnancy resulting from their assault.

Kleefisch is in company on abortion – Tim Michels, Kevin Nicholson, and Tim Ramthun have all advocated for restrictions that go beyond the 1849 abortion ban.

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