MADISON, Wis. — State Rep. Deb Andraca and gun violence prevention advocates Jennifer Hoffman-Jonas and Debra Gillespie held a press conference in Milwaukee to call out Tim Michels for his support of radical policies that would make kids less safe.

Michels has made it clear that he will prioritize partisan politics over the safety of Wisconsin families. He opposes common sense gun safety legislation and has said that he looks forward to working with the legislature and “getting those bills right” that Governor Evers had vetoed – including a bill that would allow loaded firearms on school grounds.

Speakers decried Michels’ radical agenda and his plan to weaken gun regulations in our state, making Wisconsin schools and communities less safe.

Watch the full event here.

State Representative Deb Andraca: “As a member of the State Legislature, I’ve been proud to stand with Governor Evers over the past two years, as he vetoed bill after bill that would jeopardize public safety, including a bill that would have allowed loaded guns on school grounds. I wish I could say that I was surprised that my Republican colleagues would support such a dangerous bill. But I can’t. They’ve shown time and time again that Republicans in our state would rather pander to the gun lobby than to stand up to keep our communities safe from gun violence. Although he hasn’t been in Wisconsin much over the past 10 years, Tim Michels has already fallen into step with the Republicans in Wisconsin and has decided to side with the gun lobby over the people in our state.”

Mothers Against Gun Violence Founder Debra Gillespie: “Tim Michels wants to rubber stamp their [Republican] laws that will allow for guns in schools. Michels opposes red flag laws and said that abusers shouldn’t have weapons confiscated because the victim complains. […] Ask Michels, how does he propose to keep victims from being shot and killed by their abusers who have legal access to guns? Ask Michels, how does he plan to keep our kids safe in our schools and in their homes? Michel has already made it clear that he will not prioritize the people, the Wisconsinites, or our children, or you.”

Moms Demand Action North Shore Milwaukee Lead Jennifer Hoffman-Jonas: “I have read the reports and I have seen the statistics and they point to the same thing: common sense gun legislation saves lives. And this is why it is critical to reelect Governor Evers. […] He is the only candidate in the race who will continue to fight to pass common sense gun legislation, like universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders, which the vast majority of Wisconsinites support. And he is our main defense against dangerous gun bills that the Republican majority tried to pass in our state legislature.”

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