Today, in response to a new report that for years a trust associated with Ron Johnson and his business did not pay their fair share in state income taxes, a Milwaukee small business owner and local representative blasted Johnson for focusing on enriching himself at their expense.

Johnson’s business paid $0 in taxes since 2013, his multimillion dollar family trust started paying nothing in 2016 – and Johnson has complained about only doubling his multi-million dollar fortune.

Watch the full event here and see what the speakers had to say, in part, below.

Small Business Owner Geoff Hoen: “Ron Johnson’s family trust and business have completely gamed the system, skipping out in paying millions of dollars in taxes…This means less money for our community – schools, hospitals, police and fire services…While we pay our fair share, Johnson is allowed to take advantage of tax loopholes that just let the ultra rich pile onto their fortune.”

State Senator LaTonya Johnson: “Why do so many of our small mom and pop stores find themselves struggling when so many of our large businesses find themselves thriving? The answer lies in politicians like Ron Johnson. In 2016 after taking advantage of the Agricultural and Manufacturing Tax Credit, Ron Johnson Johnson paid nothing in state income taxes [on the family trust]. It seems Ron Johnson can take advantage of tax loopholes written by ultra wealthy politicians for ultra wealthy businesses and donors.”

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