Many Americans saved $800 per person last year, and thousands per family because of American Rescue Plan affordability measures – no thanks to a single Wisconsin Republican in Congress

MADISON, Wis. – Ahead of tomorrow’s one-year anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the American Rescue Plan into law, new data shows that over 212,000 Wisconsinites are now seeing reduced health care costs because of the ARP’s affordability measures. Across the state, Wisconsinites are celebrating Democrats delivering this critical relief, and questioning why every single Republican member of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation voted against it.


This news comes on the heels of Senator Ron Johnson doubling down on his self-serving agenda of repealing the Affordable Care Act and praising Senator Rick Scott’s disastrous economic agenda which would raise taxes on almost half of the country. The Republican Party platform is pretty clear: raise taxes on 32 percent of Wisconsinites, increase premiums for those with private insurance, and strip away protections from the over 2.4 million Wisconsinites with preexisting conditions.


“Over 212,000 Wisconsinites are breathing a little easier thanks to Democrats’ American Rescue Plan lowering their health care costs,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg. “While Democrats have been laser-focused on lowering costs for families, Wisconsin Republicans are running on a disastrous economic agenda that would increase taxes and premiums for working families across our state.”

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