MADISON, Wis. – In an attempt to further divide families, teachers, and use kids as political pawns, Rebecca Kleefisch has endorsed candidates in April 5’s Wisconsin school board elections who will pursue her extreme agenda and have worked hard to pit neighbors against each other​​. These candidates only serve to distract from what these school board elections should be about: what’s best for students.

To name a couple of the radical endorsements: Steve Frazier for DC Everest School Board is known to peddle conspiracy theories online about vaccines, chemtrails, and the United Nations; Carolyn Simon for Mukwonago School Board politicized common sense public health measures during the pandemic, planned an anti-mask rally, and called quarantines in school “discrimination.”

This type of divisive politics is on brand for Rebecca Kleefisch who has a history of inflammatory rhetoric – she has downplayed violence against school board members and stood by a candidate for school board after since-deleted tweets revealed homophobia and disregard for white supremacy.

Governor Tony Evers is keeping politics out of the classroom and focusing on funding Wisconsin schools so students can thrive. He restored the state’s two-thirds funding commitment and signed the first special education funding increase in over a decade.

“It’s a shame that for Republicans, school board races are no longer about what is best for students. It’s about pushing their extreme political agenda into every level of politics,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Rebecca Kleefisch has no interest in students, she’s only interested in using kids as pawns in her political games and dividing our communities.”

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