MADISON, Wis. – Shocking no one, a central claim in one of Rebecca Kleefisch’s first campaign ads this cycle – that she cut taxes for Wisconsinites – was deemed “Mostly False” by PolitiFact.

Kleefisch is yet again misleading Wisconsinites. As lieutenant governor, Kleefisch lied about her record on everything ranging from health care to the economy. “Mostly False,” “False,” “Ridiculously False,” “Pants on Fire,” and the “Lie of the Year” are all phrases that have been used to describe claims made by Kleefisch.

Kleefisch even spread several of PolitiFact’s “Lies of the Year” — her claim that the Affordable Care Act was “a government takeover of health care” and her belief in debunked conspiracies about government “death panels.“

She also earned a “Mostly False” for claiming her cold call persuaded a company to relocate to Wisconsin from Illinois, with PolitiFact saying Kleefisch “played a minimal role.”

What is true about Kleefisch’s record on taxes is that her wealthy friends, donors, and big corporations benefited during the Walker-Kleefisch administration. In their first budget, $366 million went to tax cuts for multi-state corporations and $436 million in tax cuts for capital gains relief for the wealthy.

Read more about how Kleefisch is misleading Wisconsinites with her ad here

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