MADISON, Wis. — Welcome to “Knives Out” — Rebecca Kleefisch’s favorite phrase and a weekly roundup of the infighting between the radical Republicans running for Wisconsin governor.

The GOP is locked in a heated and brutal primary for governor (or as Kleefisch calls the race, a “knife fight in a phone booth”), where Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson are trying to prove they are the most divisive candidate in the race. What’s going on in the Republican Party is so outrageous, it’s hard to keep track of all of their blunders — so we’ve got you covered:


Ramthun Joins the Republican Knife Fight?


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Thursday night that State Rep. Tim Ramthun, a far-right election denier who’s peddled dangerous conspiracy theories, has “designed” a campaign website — although it appears graphic design is not Ramthun’s passion — and he is scheduled to make a “special announcement” this Saturday. Rolling Stone reported earlier this week that Ramthun has been considering running for governor and that he might even have disgraced former President Donald Trump’s endorsement.


Ramthun has already secured the endorsement of election conspiracy theorist and pillow salesman, Mike Lindell.


Ramthun is one of the most extreme politicians in the country and his entrance into the Republican primary would create chaos as Ramthun, Kleefisch, and Nicholson battle over who is the most extreme and divisive. As Kleefisch likes to say, it would be a “knife fight in a phone booth.”


Kleefisch is no stranger to losing Trump’s endorsement, after launching her campaign, saying, “I hope Donald Trump gets involved in this race.” Last fall, Trump urged Sean Duffy to run for governor over Kleefisch — even though Duffy lives in New Jersey.


It seems like Kleefisch should be worried about her new potential challenger. At the Sheboygan County Republican caucus this past weekend, potential opponent Tim Ramthun received a larger round of applause than Kleefisch, according to Republicans.


Look out for next week’s edition of “Knives Out” — it sounds like we’ll be updating our graphic with a new radical Republican primary candidate.


Yikes! Kleefisch & Republican Leaders Are Against Lowering Costs


Yikes! We’ve long known that Rebecca Kleefisch is out-of-touch with Wisconsinites, but it’s really been on full display recently.


Kleefisch and Republican leaders have come out against Gov. Tony Evers’ common sense surplus plan that will help families address rising costs, support small businesses, expand child care, and improve education quality. Kleefisch has called the plan to lower costs and expand child care a “non-starter.”


Republicans would rather sit on a record surplus in Madison than give it back to the people.


Ope! Kleefisch Snubbed by Home County GOP


With Nicholson in the race and Ramthun looming, Rebecca Kleefisch’s floundering campaign for governor is hemorrhaging Republican primary supporters after a rough weekend where at least two county parties followed Kevin Nicholson’s wishes and voted to not participate in the Republican endorsement process.


Since entering the race, Kleefisch has desperately tried to consolidate primary support and win the state party’s endorsement — a move that would give her access to the party’s infrastructure.


But this past weekend, the Sheboygan County Republican Party voted to snub Kleefisch and not participate in the endorsement process, passing a resolution calling for a non-endorsement option at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s state convention. Kleefisch’s own home county party, Jefferson County, also chose to not endorse her this weekend.


Nicholson has previously railed against the state party’s “broken machine” and accused its leaders of planning to force candidates from the primary field if they don’t win the endorsement later this year. Nicholson also has experience creating chaos in the endorsement process.


Team Rebecca Pours $50k Down the Drain


On Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected a publicity stunt lawsuit that Rebecca Kleefisch’s floundering campaign for governor had blown more than $50,000 on. Even though Kleefisch’s lawsuit was a baseless gimmick, it not only would have made it harder for Wisconsinites to vote, it also would’ve made it harder for Kleefisch herself to vote in 2020, as she registered as indefinitely confined — a voting method she now wants abolished.


Kleefisch has been so desperate to develop some traction in the race that she was even using the failed lawsuit in fundraising emails:

Primary Olympics: Nicholson’s Gold Medal Flip-Flop


That was fast. The radical GOP primary has Kevin Nicholson already doing a 180 from his support for Dr. Anthony Fauci.


According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nicholson previously praised Dr. Fauci as a “true public servant” with “sensible” ideas. Nicholson called Dr. Fauci a “consummate professional,” highlighted how President Ronald Reagan originally appointed Fauci, and even bragged that he’s met Dr. Fauci.


Fast forward to today, and you’ll catch Nicholson joining Wisconsin Republicans as they sprint to the extremes of their party. After “scurrying away from a reporter” at an event that his campaign advised to the media, Nicholson emailed a reporter, telling them to “get real” and that he believes that Dr. Fauci “should be fired and referred to prosecutors for lying to Congress.”


As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes, “That’s one way to try to get people to forget your past associations with the guy: go off in a completely different direction.”

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