WHITEFISH BAY, Wis. – One week following Governor Evers’ veto of AB 495, a bill that would have allowed those with concealed carry permits to bring loaded firearms onto school grounds, State Representative Deb Andraca joined Khary Penebaker, DNC Representative and gun violence survivor, and Jennifer Hoffman-Jonas, Moms Demand Action North Shore Milwaukee Lead, to hold Republican politicians accountable for their radical agenda.

AB 495, which is opposed by 65% of Wisconsinites, is just another instance of elected Republicans making politically motivated decisions that make Wisconsinites less safe. Every Republican running for governor wants to allow permitless carry in Wisconsin, which would allow anyone to carry a loaded, concealed weapon in public, without even requiring basic safety training, despite the fact that 76% of Wisconsinites oppose this measure.

Governor Evers is keeping Wisconsinites safe from gun violence, while still upholding their rights. During his term, he has supported and proposed legislation for popular, common sense safety measures like universal background checks and red flag laws.

The leaders called on voters to thank Gov. Evers for doing the right thing and to hold Republican politicians accountable on AB 495 and similar policies that will only make students and families less safe.


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