“In prior election cycles, I was a fan of Sen. Ron Johnson … Unfortunately, today a lot of people no longer recognize him.”

ELM GROVE, Wis. –Wisconsinites from all political backgrounds are calling out Senator Johnson for his self-serving agenda. Below read an op-ed from a Republican urging people to vote against Johnson because of how he has failed the state:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The ranting 2022 version of Sen. Ron Johnson has created a mess of his own making

  • “In prior election cycles, I was a fan of Sen. Ron Johnson. He came to office in 2010 as a plain-speaking, pro-market, budget-conscious business leader. Unfortunately, today a lot of people no longer recognize him.”
  • “At a time when so many Wisconsinites are hungry for a sane counter to Washington’s left turn, Johnson is firmly isolating himself, spouting fringe ideas and neglecting to advance a positive vision.
  • “He [Johnson] seems eager and willing to alienate a lot of Wisconsinites merely to ingratiate himself with the former president…”
  • “With suburban voters, business interests, and moderates everywhere, Johnson’s strategy is likely to cost Republicans votes up and down the ballot for years to come.
  • “Last week, Johnson made headlines for saying he would not do anything to try to persuade Oshkosh Corp. to manufacture U.S. Postal Service trucks in Wisconsin.” 
  • “He [Johnson] said, ‘Frankly, I’ve never thought it was society’s responsibility to take care of other people’s children.’ Surely, he knows that for more than 80 years Republicans and Democrats have collaborated on numerous programs to support early childhood development.” 
  • “One problem with Johnson is that he speaks with a detached callousness about things that matter to all voters, such as jobs and childcare, while showing zealous passion for fringe ideas that appeal to a loud and fevered few.” 
  • “I believe Wisconsin deserves better than his outrage-of-the-week stunts. Johnson’s outlandish statements generate eyebrow raising and/or fist pumping, but what do they accomplish to improve the economy, homeland security, or the fabric of our state and country?  Nothing.”
  • “Wisconsinites deserve better than his conspiracy and conspiracy-adjacent pronouncements.”
  • “By his words and his deeds, the 2022 version of Ron Johnson is failing the conservative cause and our state.”
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