It’s Been 21 Days Since Gov. Evers Announced His Surplus Plan, Republicans Still Don’t Have One

 MADISON, Wis. — While Wisconsin’s economy is booming thanks to Governor Evers’ investments in worker training, small businesses, and economic development projects, Wisconsin families are feeling the effects of rising costs at the grocery store and the gas pump.


Republican legislators and candidates have been complaining about these rising costs, but have still failed to take any action to help Wisconsin families. Republicans in Washington and in Wisconsin don’t have a plan. Governor Evers called a special session of the legislature last night at his State of the State address, and challenged Wisconsin Republicans to work together to get something done.


Governor Evers’ common sense plan to help with rising costs would give a portion of the state’s record-breaking $3.8 billion surplus back to Wisconsinites through a $150 tax credit for each tax filer and their dependents. That’s $600 for a family of four, which could help cover gas or groceries. In addition to the $150 credit, Wisconsinites are already seeing more money in their paychecks, thanks to Governor Evers’ middle-class tax cut in the state’s budget. The combined credits will make a real difference in the lives of Wisconsinites.


Will Republicans rise to the challenge and pass this common sense proposal? Of course not. Will they propose any action to provide relief to families now? It doesn’t seem likely. Republican leaders Robin Vos and Devin LeMahieu have already cast Wisconsin families aside and said they will not give Wisconsinites their money back. That’s funny, considering how much Republicans have complained about this issue:




And as Governor Evers pointed out in his State of the State address, LeMahieu and Vos even sent the governor a letter last year saying, “There are supply shortages and soaring inflation rates, causing families to have to pay significantly more on items such as food and gasoline. Real people are struggling with these pocketbook issues.” Too bad this letter, and all of their complaints, were just for show.

“If Republicans want to help Wisconsinites, they can stop complaining and actually get to work,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Iris Riis. “Governor Evers has a practical plan to help families with rising costs. Rebecca Kleefisch, Kevin Nicholson, and GOP legislators are only opposed to these tax refunds because they’re worried that this common sense proposal will benefit Democrats politically. Governor Evers knows that helping Wisconsinites is much more important than petty politics — that’s why he’s doing the right thing and fighting to give the surplus money back to the families who need it most.”

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