*Except for the Wealthy, Large Corporations, and Their Donors

MADISON, Wis. – Tax Day is today and Republican gubernatorial candidates would like Wisconsinites to think that the GOP cares about the middle class and will cut taxes. But actions speak louder than words — and Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson think lower taxes should only be enjoyed by the wealthy.

During Rebecca Kleefisch’s time as Lieutenant Governor, lower and middle income taxpayers lost out to her wealthy friends, donors, and corporations. Despite promises to not raise taxes, Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch did so anyway. For example, the 2011 budget forced certain low-income families, renters, and homeowners to carry the burden of the Walker-Kleefisch unbalanced budget of nearly $69.8 million over two years. She recently received a “Mostly False” by PolitiFact on her claim that as Lieutenant Governor she cut the taxes of Wisconsinites.

The Cap Times editorial board put it best: “Scott Walker redistributes wealth — upward.”

Over the rest of the administration, the disastrous duo didn’t stop with raising taxes for the working class. In typical Republican fashion, Walker and Kleefisch gave away $366 million in cuts to multi-state corporations, $436 million in capital gains relief for the wealthy, and agreed to give Foxconn $3 billion in state tax dollars, which would have been the largest government handout to a foreign company in American history. Rebecca Kleefisch once even told a group of wealthy business executives, “We want to know how we can love you more.”

Nicholson has been vocal about the “need” to cut taxes for corporations and, like Kleefisch, supported the Trump tax bill. The bill notoriously gave significant tax breaks to the very wealthy and large corporations and increased taxes for the middle class. One beneficiary was Dick Uihlein, a major Nicholson donor, who received $118 million in tax deductions.

Since taking office, Governor Evers has provided tax cuts for middle class families and businesses across Wisconsin as they have faced the uncertainty of the pandemic. As a result, taxes as a share of income in Wisconsin dropped to the lowest point since at least 1970. Through Gov. Evers’ management, Wisconsin now has the largest budget surplus and rainy day fund in state history.

“Don’t let Rebecca Kleefisch or Kevin Nicholson fool you into thinking they care about cutting taxes for lower and middle income Wisconsinites,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Under the Walker-Kleefisch administration, the middle class got left behind, while wealthy business executives and corporations received millions in tax giveaways. Actions speak louder than campaign rhetoric and both Nicholson and Kleefisch will both be bad for Wisconsin taxpayers.”

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