MADISON, Wis. – Today, Rick Scott, Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee released a plan that would “raise taxes on as much as half of the country,” Given Johnson’s record and belief that the rich already pay their “fair share” of taxes, it stands to reason that Johnson is all in on making working families and seniors pay more.

“This new blueprint is a mirror image of the self-serving agenda Ron Johnson has pursued in Washington: give the ultra rich a free pass while demanding working families and our seniors pay more in taxes, and let Big Pharma and the insurance companies continue to rig the system. Wisconsinites are done with Johnson and his cronies’ self-serving politics,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said.

The plan makes no mention of how Ron Johnson and other Senate Republicans will lower prescription drug and health care costs, and hypocritically states they will “enact term limits for the Washington ruling class – 12-year limits for Congress and government bureaucrats.” Johnson is breaking a two term pledge to run for six more years in the Senate, which Scott emphatically applauded.

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