MADISON, Wis. – As Senator Ron Johnson faces backlash for refusing to fight for more than a thousand good paying jobs to come to Wisconsin instead of South Carolina, Wisconsinites rallied to stop his self-serving agenda and bring those jobs to the Badger State.


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WPR: “The issue has become a part of Wisconsin’s 2022 U.S. Senate race since U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Oshkosh who is seeking a third term in office, said this month that he didn’t support efforts to pressure the company to bring the jobs to Wisconsin. ‘It’s not like we don’t have enough jobs in Wisconsin,’ Johnson told reporters this month.”


Oshkosh Northwestern: “U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Feb. 5 told reporters he didn’t intend to try to persuade Oshkosh Defense to move production back to northeastern Wisconsin.”


WEAU: “Union workers rally Saturday afternoon, asking the Oshkosh Corporation to build Next Generation Delivery Vehicles for the US Postal Service in Wisconsin, rather than at a site in South Carolina. About a thousand jobs are also at stake. … ‘The frustrating part is that Oshkosh isn’t doing the right thing. The [sic] were awarded this contract on the back of our workers. We are known for our quality work, our top of the line vehicles. We make them durable, reliable and we deliver on time,’ said Tim Jacobson, Chief Steward, UAW Local 578.”

FOX 11: “Local 578 Union President Bob Lynk joined in supporting union jobs telling Oshkosh Corp higher ups to put its people over its profit. He says choosing South Carolina over Wisconsin is an attack against union labor. ‘If Oshkosh leaves here, Oshkosh can be done. We’re the biggest employer here,’ says Lynk. ‘But we’re dwindling. We went from 3,100 plus members 10 years ago to 1,600.’”

WBAY: “Jacobson added, ‘We can build those in our facilities we have now. They talk about capacity, being over capacity. We are not running three shifts in our facilities. We are not even working forty hours in some of our facilities. We do have the capacity. We do have the space, and if they need to hire we can find workers here in this great state.’”

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