MADISON, Wis. – Trump-endorsed candidate Tim Michels refuses to answer if he thinks the 2020 election was stolen. This latest refusal comes as Michels faces a challenge to the validity of the vast majority of his ballot nomination signatures because he failed to follow Wisconsin election laws. If the challenge succeeds, Michels would not have met the legally required signature threshold for inclusion on the ballot.

This is what Tim Michels is telling reporters about 2020:

UpFront, WISN“Trump has insisted the 2020 election was stolen. When asked, Michels wouldn’t dispute that or say there was no widespread fraud as courts and election officials nationwide have upheld. ‘I think what everybody is confident of is that there was problems with the election,’ Michels said. ‘Nobody is sure what the extent of it was.’”

Wisconsin’s Morning News, WTMJ“‘So that’s going to be one of my very top priorities is fix the problems that happened in 2020. Some problems did happen.’”

WPR“When asked by WPR whether he believed President Biden had won Wisconsin, Michels declined to say. ‘Nobody knows how many fraudulent votes that there were in 2020,’ Michels said.”

CBS 58“When asked if he believes the election was stolen from Trump, Michels said, ‘we don’t know,’ despite court rulings, audits and recounts confirming President Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin by about 21,000 votes.”

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