MADISON, Wis. — One year ago, President Biden signed Democrats’ American Rescue Plan into law, expanding affordability measures and reducing health care costs for over 212,000 Wisconsinites. It’s no surprise that Republican Ron Johnson voted against this critical relief – he’s spent his career fighting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, strip away health care from thousands of Wisconsinites, and raise insurance premiums.


While Democrats work to lower costs, Wisconsin Republicans in Congress are running on a disastrous agenda that would hike taxes for 32 percent of families across the state and raise health care costs.


Take a look at what Wisconsinites who rely on the ACA are saying about the Wisconsin GOP’s 2022 agenda:


Lynn Carey:


“After 11 years of being on oxygen twenty-four seven and going through all of these treatments, I received a double lung transplant. [Becasue of the ACA] I knew I would get the care I needed. I knew I wouldn’t go bankrupt. And now I hear one of our United States Senators, Ron Johnson, talking about taking that away from millions of Wisconsinites. He’s told us over and over – and I’ve heard him say – that he believes health care is a privilege. Well, I can tell you that indeed, he may believe that but I don’t believe that – and I don’t believe most Wisconsinites believe that.


“And that is why he [Ron Johnson] and the GOP want to get power, so they can take away the Affordable Care Act. To me this is wrong. This is so wrong. And while he has built his Senate career opposing the ACA, Wisconsinites are benefiting.”


Sarah Conklin:


“Senator Johnson has made it clear he doesn’t care about me or the other hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who have pre-existing conditions. In my opinion, Senator Johnson is hell-bent on fulfilling his misguided self-serving agenda that only hurts people like me. He’s more concerned with changing the laws to enrich himself and his donors than lowering health care costs or protecting vulnerable Wisconsinites like myself.”


William Gracia:


“Without the protections of the ACA, my daughter would never be able to have insurance. And without insurance, we could never afford the surgeries, the medicine, the ER visits – that have been a kind of constant presence in my daughter’s life. So when I hear Ron Johnson say these things, it is very personal to me. If he’s willing to throw my daughter out without insurance, and without a future, he’s willing to do that to any child in Wisconsin and any child in America.”


Dr. Kristin Lyerly:


“Yesterday, Ron Johnson actually admitted that the main goal was to paralyze the government – paralyze the government – [to] not work until the GOP can take over. And then, he used the repeal of the ACA as his prime example of what he would do… His actions and his words tell us that Ron Johnson believes that health care isn’t a right…No. Ron Johnson believes that health care is a privilege and only those who can afford it, deserve it.


“It’s no wonder that Johnson joined the entire Republican Party in voting against the American Rescue Plan, which cut health care costs for millions of Americans and provided critical funding to hospitals and health clinics across the state to help us take care of our patients in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. It’s obvious, I can’t trust Ron Johnson to stand up for my patients.”

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