MADISON, Wis. – Just one year after being sworn into office, President Biden fulfilled his promise of nominating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court – and today, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has made history with her confirmation as our next justice. After a rigorous confirmation process rife with Republican obstruction and blatant contempt, it’s more clear than ever that Judge Jackson will be a superb jurist on the nation’s highest court.

Despite the public’s broad bipartisan support for Judge Jackson, with Republican senators themselves noting her astute qualifications and “her demonstrated judicial independence,” Ron Johnson voted against confirming one of the most qualified candidates ever nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement: 

“Wisconsin and the United States will be better off with Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sitting on the highest court in our land – her qualifications are second to none and her record shows she is someone who will always fight for fairness and justice. Today’s vote not only adds a brilliant legal mind to the Supreme Court but will also ensure the Supreme Court better reflects the diversity of Wisconsin and our nation.

“After years of obediently voting to confirm extremist and hyper-partisan judges dead set on rolling back the clock on hard-fought freedoms, Ron Johnson once again put his self-serving agenda before the people of Wisconsin and voted against Judge Jackson, an experienced and fair judge who will always uphold our Constitution and the rule of law.”

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