MADISON, Wis. — “Beware of bipartisanship” and “praying” for gridlock – these aren’t the words you’d expect from someone trying to deliver for their constituents – but that’s the sort of senator that Ron Johnson has become.

When Johnson first ran for the Senate in 2010 he vowed to do things differently and to deliver for Wisconsinites. Now Johnson’s broken his two term-limit pledge, and it’s clear from his efforts to go after Social Security and Medicare funding and change the tax code in a way that benefitted himself and his wealthiest donors that Johnson’s not working for Wisconsin.

Johnson has turned into a Washington politician more interested in fulfilling his own agenda than doing what is best for Wisconsin.

“Ron Johnson’s changed. He’s focused on enriching himself and his biggest donors at Wisconsinites’ expense. Wisconsinites will hold Ron Johnson accountable in November for putting his self-serving agenda ahead of their best interests,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman.

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