MADISON, Wis. – Two-time failed candidate and career politician Tim Michels launched his campaign today and told WTMJ’s John Mercure that he hopes his parents’ company will continue to bid for billions in state contracts if he becomes governor.

John Mercure [4:00]: “So if you become governor, will Michels Corporation continue to bid on government work?” 
Tim Michels: “I certainly hope so.”

That’s the whole point, isn’t it? If Michels becomes governor, he’ll have the power to help further enrich himself and his entire family fortune. He’s not trying to hide his blatant conflict of interest – in fact, he held his campaign announcement at one of his family’s company’s locations.

Michels calls himself an outsider, but he’s been wrapped up in Wisconsin state politics for decades, starting when he ran for public office twice (and lost both times), the last time being in the early 2000s. Michels was also, quite confusingly, on the board of directors for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the dark money group that endorsed and is running ads for Rebecca Kleefisch. He’s also on the advisory board of Kleefisch’s 1848 Project, and donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Walker-Kleefisch campaign.

And if you’re looking for further proof that Tim is the ultimate political insider — he hosted a fundraiser at his house last week for Wisconsin Republican elites.

Michels’ campaign is all about his great wealth — in fact, instead of just talking to Wisconsin voters and meeting with them, he is already dropping millions on TV ads, hoping to buy votes, instead of earning them.

You can learn more about Michels and the questions he needs to answer at

“Tim Michels needs to tell Wisconsinites how he will avoid a conflict of interest as governor, if his family is applying for and profiting from billions of dollars in state contracts,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Michels is the ultimate political insider, trying to buy his way into winning this primary election, so that he can add to his family fortune. He’s no different from Rebecca Kleefisch, Tim Ramthun, or Kevin Nicholson, he just happens to have a few extra million dollars lying around.”

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