MADISON, Wis. – When asked about gun reforms he would consider if elected governor at tonight’s WISN Town Hall, Tim Michels opposed common sense gun safety measures to protect victims of domestic violence, saying that abusers shouldn’t have their weapons confiscated because an “angry ex, ex spouse makes a complaint.”

Michels continued to dismiss concerns about domestic violence by falsely suggesting red flag laws could take away firearms because someone could say, “Oh, he made a threat to me and then the police have to go confiscate his guns.”

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Transcript: “Yeah, so like I said, guns haven’t changed, society has changed. And I want to make sure that law abiding gun owners aren’t having their guns confiscated because an angry ex, ex spouse, makes a complaint. Oh, he made a threat to me and then the police have to go confiscate his guns. The second amendment is constitutional. It’s a right given by the Constitution to bear arms, and I will support the second amendment.”

Michels has shown disdain for common sense gun reform, including red flag laws, which are supported by 81% of Wisconsin voters and utilized as a response to threats from abusers of deadly domestic violence. Michels has also pledged to lift restrictions on firearms as governor.

“Tim Michels is not concerned about victims of gun violence or domestic violence, he’s only concerned about pushing a radical and dangerous agenda,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “81% of Wisconsinites support red flag laws, but Tim Michels would rather doubt victims of domestic violence instead of protecting our communities with common sense gun safety reform.”

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