MADISON, Wis. — At an event in Beaver Dam yesterday, Tim Michels said that decades of lawsuits over harassment and abuse at his company is a  “spectacular’ record,” and Michels even tried to claim that there is a “tremendous culture at Michels of respect, respect for women, respect for minorities, respect for each other.”

TIM MICHELS: “You know that ad about numerous sexual assaults over the last? That’s over the past 62 years, there’s been five. Now the goal is zero. I’m not saying that five is a good number. But I’ll tell you, any business owner will tell you that is a spectacular number.”

Over the last 20 years, federal court cases reveal that female and minority workers have sued Tim Michels’ construction companies over issues of “sexual assault and harassment, racial discrimination and a hostile work environment” according to reporting from CBS 58. 

Michels has previously described his role at Michels Corp as being “responsible for everything,” including for “safety,” [50:15] across the company and touted his “great executive leadership” during the campaign as a primary proof point of his knowing how to “lead this state.”

“Culture starts at the top, and it’s disturbing that Tim Michels believes the decades of lawsuits over harassment and abuse at his company is a ‘spectacular’ record,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Wisconsinites deserve answers from Tim Michels on the decades-long record of sexual harassment and discrimination at Michels Corporation, and his attempts to minimize the claims of victims show that he’s the wrong choice for governor.” 

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