MADISON, Wis. — Mike Gallagher voted against beefing up American jobs, in a bill directly aimed at supporting domestic manufacturing. 

His “no” vote opposing the CHIPS Act indicated that even in a bipartisan effort to expand American manufacturing jobs and STEM opportunities, Gallagher will vote against Wisconsin communities. 

Despite his opposition to the CHIPS Act and investment in the American economy, Gallagher was chosen as the new Chair of the Select Committee on China

As a reminder, Gallagher voted against:

  • Bolstering U.S. leadership in semiconductors, a product invented in the US, but now 75% of which are produced in East Asia.
  • Promoting U.S. innovation in wireless supply chains.
  • Advancing U.S. global leadership in the technologies of the future. 
  • Providing STEM opportunities to more of America to participate in good-paying skilled jobs.

“Gallagher’s faux-support for American jobs and bipartisanship is laughable because he already had a bipartisan opportunity to support American jobs. Instead, he voted against what was best for American workers, jobs, and the economy,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Hannah Menchhoff. “Gallagher would rather be on the side of Republican lies and partisan politics, than give Americans a win.”

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