Madison, Wis. – Ron Johnson has made it his mission in Washington to completely dismiss the needs of Wisconsinites and focus instead on enriching himself and his biggest donors. And when it comes to that, he’s doing a great job.

Johnson has constantly complained that he’s “only doubled” his multi-million dollar fortune since coming to the Senate, so it’s no surprise that he has continuously looked for ways to pad his wallet.

Johnson’s been clear that his crowning achievement was holding out his vote on the 2017 GOP tax bill until it was changed in a way that benefitted his company and those of his biggest donors – the Uihleins and Diane Hendricks. The two families, who gave a combined $20 million to Johnson’s re-election efforts in 2016 and are bankrolling his re-election with millions of dollars in campaign contributionsnetted $215 million in tax deductions in 2018 thanks to Johnson’s efforts.

To Johnson’s credit, he did admit that he and his donors benefited from the legislation, saying “now, did my business benefit? Sure. Did some of my donor businesses? Sure…”. A report confirmed that the vast majority of the tax handout Johnson fought for went to the wealthiest.

But Johnson taking advantage of his position didn’t stop there, as he used tax taxpayer dollars to fly from his family’s vacation home in Florida to DC.

“Credit where credit is due – Ron Johnson loves to take victory laps when it comes to enriching himself and his biggest donors. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of what he’s accomplished for Wisconsinites because he’s voted against their best interests at every turn,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman said.

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