MADISON, Wis. – Tonight, a report from WKOW uncovered new tax records showing that Ron Johnson’s multimillion dollar family trust fund took advantage of the Agriculture and Manufacturing Tax Credit to get out of paying their fair share. These maneuvers saved Johnson’s family from paying millions of dollars in state income taxes that would have been used to fund police, fire departments, schools, and other essential services. Additional tax records found that Pacur, Johnson’s company, also did not pay any state taxes for the last several years.


Johnson has a record of rigging the tax system to benefit himself and his wealthy donors and getting out of paying his fair share in taxes. He previously admitted to benefiting from a tax provision he championed and state records show that in 2017 despite making at least half a million dollars he paid just $2,105 in state taxes – about as much as a family making $40,000 and less than a school teacher.

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